John Askey and The Silkmen part company

The worst fears of most diehard Macclesfield Town supporters were realised late last night, when John Askey, the Manager of MTFC, agreed to sign a three-year contract with top performing Division 1 side, Shrewsbury Town.

That John should have aspirations to work at the highest level, will come as no surprise to anyone, but that he should be denied that opportunity by the hierarchy of a club he has loyally served for the last 33 years as the ever popular player, coach, and promotion winning manager, probably does.

In the last five years, “Sir John”, ex vice-chairman Andy Scott, and an assortment of other determined individuals, have dragged the club from the brink of administration, to the top of the National League, and a worthy return to the Football League. To have done this on the shortest of financial shoestrings, with little to no support from the club owners and current chairman, beggars belief.

That he was allegedly sidelined at Christmas, by an absent owner, and an incommunicative Chairman wishing to rid the Club of “Ghosts”, resulted in the team, and manager, being fused into an even tighter playing unit, where “Us” eventually prevailed over “Them”. Make no mistake, Askey’s biggest wish was to continue working with MTFC, and to bring them further success in Division 2.

To be denied that opportunity by those working to another agenda, behind a plethora of smoke, and mirrors, is both regrettable, and hard to understand.

That John can now breathe the fresh air circulating around the top of Shrewsbury’s tree, rather than the toxic stuff at Macclesfield, will come as a relief to him. Positivity, rather than negativity, plus “here’s the money”, rather than “where’s the money?” How can he fail?

We wish him huge success at his new Club, whilst we pine at his departure.

What remains for Macclesfield Town FC, and its fans, without the seemingly ever present “Sir John”?

Watch the space with trepidation, for the last time owner Mr Alkadhi was given free rein with the club, he managed by making the most unlikely of managerial appointments, against a wealth of contrary advice, to take MTFC from liquidity, to the brink of liquidation.

Let us hope, against hope, that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Brian Green

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