Dream job for LEGO fans

Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester is recruiting for what it describes as everyone’s dream job.

The position of master model builder will see the successful applicant tasked to play all day, every day, and not ‘work’ a day in their life.

The unique position is one of only 24 in the world, less than a fifth of the number of trained astronauts.

Putting the applicants through their paces will be Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester’s toughest panel of judges – the attraction’s own creative crew aged just six to 10-years-old.

The mini-panel will challenge applicants to prove their worthiness through a series of interviews and a creative build off, where applicants will have the opportunity to show they have ‘bricks of talent’.

The role, the first opening of its kind in the Barton Square attraction’s eight year history, boasts a generous salary and is anticipated to attract thousands of applications.

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