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    Old Sunday School, Roe Street, Macclesfield SK11 6UT

    Old Sunday School
    Roe Street
    Macclesfield SK11 6UT

    Recorded Information: 01625 423535
    Enquiries: 07534 920495

    • can be purchased on the door, subject to demand
    • can be booked in advance at
    • can be purchased in advance at the box office in the half-hour before any performance

    • can be purchased online at
    • can be purchased from the box office  in the half-hour before any performance

    Our auditorium Bar is open 30mins before screenings (subject to the film being shown, and at live by satellite events). Tea, coffee, prosecco, wine, beer and spirits are available and may be taken into the auditorium.
    Cinemac Meal Deal
    The Cinemac Meal Deal with RedWillow Macclesfield starts on Tuesday 4th December!
    Meal Deal vouchers are available to purchase from the Cinemac Box Office or RedWillow bar.
    You can take advantage of this amazing offer by visiting Redwillow after one of our early evening shows or before our evening performances.
    As numbers are limited, please ensure that you call RedWillow before you visit to reserve your table.
    RedWillow’s phone number is: 01625 830718

    Please note that the meal deal is only valid for film tickets and it does not include live events.

    Friday 4 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 10.45, 1.45, 5.00, 8.00

    Saturday 5 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 12.30, 3.30

    Saturday 5 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 1.45, 5.00, 8.00

    Sunday 6 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 1.45, 5.00, 8.00

    Monday 7 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 1.45, 5.00, 8.00

    Tuesday 8 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 5.00, 8.00

    Wednesday 9 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 1.45

    Thursday 10 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 5.00, 8.00

    Friday 11 January
    STAN AND OLLIE (PG) [1h 37mins] 5.30, 8.00

    Saturday 12 January

    Sunday 13 January
    MARY POPPINS RETURNS (U) [2hrs 10mins] 11:45
    STAN AND OLLIE (PG) [1h 37mins] 3.00, 5.30, 8.00

    Monday 14 January
    STAN AND OLLIE (PG) [1h 37mins] 5.30, 8.00

    Tuesday 15 January
    STAN AND OLLIE (PG) [1h 37mins] 1.45, 4.15

    Wednesday 16 January
    STAN AND OLLIE (PG) [1h 37mins] 5.30, 8.00

    Thursday 17 January
    STAN AND OLLIE (PG) [1h 37mins] 5.30, 8.00



    National Theatre Live

    Thursday 31 January: I'M NOT RUNNING 7.00

    Royal Ballet Live

    Tuesday 19 February: DON QUIXOTE 7.15

    Tuesday 21 May: TRIPLE BILL 7.15

    Tuesday 11 June: ROMEO & JULIET  7.15
    Royal Opera Live

    Tuesday 22 January: THE QUEEN OF SPADES 6.45

    Tuesday 5 February: LA TRAVIATA 6.45

    Tuesday 2 April: FORZA DESTINO 6.15

    Tuesday 30 April: FAUST 6.45

    Andre Rieu

    Saturday 5 January: ANDRE RIEU'S NEW YEAR'S CONCERT FROM SYDNEY (12A) 7.00

    All listed films and live by satellite events now bookable at

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    Macclesfield Silk Museum, Old Park Lane, Macclesfield

    Launch of New Display of Macclesfield’s Ancient Egyptian Treasures at The Silk Museum

    16 February 2019 - 2020

    A ring belonging to Tutankhamun, a statuette of Queen Tiye - one of the most important queens in Egyptian history, and the mummy case of a significant female temple worker called Shebmut, are just some of the stars in a new display that sheds new light on Macclesfield’s own Marianne Brocklehurst and her remarkable collections.

    This new display at The Silk Museum will be officially opened by Cllr Lesley Smetham, The Worshipful the Mayor of Cheshire East, at 11.30am on 16th February 2019 and runs until 2020.

    The new display explores the connection between Macclesfield’s silk industry and Marianne Brocklehurst’s Egyptian collections.   John Varney, Chair of The Silk Heritage Trust, said, ‘We are thrilled that the new research carried out by the museum’s curatorial team, has shown that many objects are even more significant than we thought; and this new display puts many more objects on show so that local people can enjoy more of this important heritage for the town’.

    Marianne was the daughter of silk manufacturer John Brocklehurst, Macclesfield’s first MP.  Her family’s wealth and social standing provided the resources for Marianne to travel extensively in Europe and the Middle East.  In 1873-74 Marianne, along with her companion Mary Booth, her nephew Alfred and servant George, made an epic voyage up the Nile.  Throughout this trip Marianne kept a personal diary illustrated with lively watercolours that captures life on the Nile through the eyes of this remarkable Victorian woman.

    Marianne Brocklehurst and Mary Booth were life-time companions and were generally referred to as The MBs.  They were unconventional women for their time – as a couple they seem to have been uncompromising and determined in their life and work. They collected various objects on their travels around Egypt, but they seem to have had a particular interest in items with a connection to Ancient Egyptian women.   On their first trip, they collected the mummy case of a female temple worker, a scarab commemorating the marriage of a non-royal woman to the king, and the scarab of a king’s daughter. Perhaps it was intentional that the MBs, two unusually independent Victorian women, collected so many objects that bear the names, titles and likenesses of unusually independent Ancient Egyptian women.

    A Family Open Day takes place at The Silk Museum on 16th February 2019

    11am Welcome & Speeches John Varney, Chair, Silk Heritage Trust and Cllr Lesley Smetham, The Worshipful the Mayor of Cheshire East 11.30am onwards: Come and see the unique diary and notebooks that Marianne Brocklehurst made of her incredible adventures

    Learn more about the Tutankhamun Ring and other amazing treasures in the collections

    Mummification and Mask-making: Free Family Activities in the School Room

    New Makers’ Place Meet the brilliant craftspeople making unique handmade gifts + demonstrations and craft activities All day: New Silk Shop Exquisite silk products – perfect for gifts for all occasions PLUS Egyptian inspired jewellery and souvenirs Coffee and Cake, The Jacquard Café generously supplied by the Friends of Macclesfield Silk Heritage with thanks to Bollington Co-op The Silk Museum admission is now Give What You Can. All donations welcome to support our work.

    Grateful thanks to Cheshire East Council for very generously supporting the new displays and the Friends of Macclesfield Silk Heritage

    To find out more about Macclesfield Museums visit

    To find out more about Marianne Brocklehurst visit