Farming & environmental groups

Conservation Volunteers 20 Overton Close Congleton Cheshire M. Horner  Contact
Council for the Protection of Rural England 46 Chapel Lane Wilmslow Cheshire 01625 526580  TelephoneMr. Peter North  Contact
Greenpeace 3 Kingsley Avenue Bollington Cheshire 01625 573945  TelephoneKim Hart  Contact
MaccBug No. 25 Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6RX 01625 432044  TelephoneHazel  Contact
National Farmers Union 1 Samuel Street Macclesfield Cheshire 01625 422276  TelephoneSue Mitchell  Contact
National Trust Volunteer Group Macclesfield Cheshire 01625 426829  TelephoneTim Jarvis  Contact
Ramblers Association (East Cheshire) Cheshire 0161 428 8280  TelephoneMrs. A. M. Dutton  Contact
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Field Rise, Dumbah Lane Bollington Cheshire 01625 829119  TelephonePeter Kirk  Contact
World Wide Fund for Nature (Macclesfield) 01625 427380  TelephoneMr. & Mrs. W. Bailey