As Macclesfield is now the town I live in and the place I call home I thought it might be nice to write something about the town.

Macclesfield is situated in the east of the county of Cheshire, South of the City of Manchester (18 Miles approx) and North of the City of Stoke on Trent (22 Miles approx). The Borough of Macclesfield encompasses the towns of Maccledfield, Bollington, Prestbury, Alderley Edge, Knutsford and Wilmslow. The town has reasonably good traffic links with the M6 and the M56 running through the Borough as well as the A34 (Links Manchester to Birmingham and beyond), A523 (Stockport to Ashbourne) and A537 (Knutsford to Buxton).
These are roughly estimated so dont write to tell me the A523 finished 3miles 25 yds and 11 inches from Ashbourne!

So what is Macclesfield famous for?
Well, Macclesfield is also known as the Silk town because of Macclesfields link to the Silk trade from China and several of the Mill buildings used in the industrial revolution still remain in the town.

Macclesfield is also listed in the doomsday survey of 1086 but its main prosperity developed during the 18th to 19th century with its excellence in producing silk, however this is what also proved the towns demise during the late 19th century with its total dependance on its silk industry.

Today the town is home to many large multi-national companies and has a booming local economy with virtually zero unemployment and 1 in 10 of the population having their own business.

There has been a real effort in Macclesfield to preserve the towns large number of georgian and victorian buildings, such as the Heritage Centre (1813), Paradise Mill (Early 19th Century), Christ Church (1775), Macclesfield Arms (18th Century).