Helping offenders break the cycle

A charity called Coaching Inside and Out (CIAO) has helped change the lives of hundreds of women and men in our prisons and offenders in our communities. Cheshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner has given CIAO £5,000 from his Crime Prevention Fund to help them work intensively with women in HMP Styal. All too often large numbers of crimes are committed by small groups of people. Some of these people continually re-offend, creating a multitude of victims, leaving devastation and destruction in their wake.

“If we are to have safer and stronger communities, we need to identify the causes of crime, minimise re-offending, support people to payback constructively for their crimes and to build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. CIAO does this by challenging prisoners to work out their own solutions for turning their lives around positively when they leave Styal.” said Police & Crime Commissioner John Dwyer.

“Coaching Inside and Out began its work in Styal and now coaches men and women in other prisons as well as in the community. This money to continue our radical work helping women change their lives has an invaluable impact on all our families and communities.” said Clare McGregor of Coaching Inside and Out.

John Dwyer added “In order for re-offending to be reduced, we have to address the root causes of why people offend in the first place, common denominators are often drugs or alcohol, one of the key outcomes of this work. I wish CIAO the best of luck and look forward to hearing how the service develops.”

More information about CIAO can be found on If you are a coach, would like to fund CIAO’s work further, or can offer other support please e-mail

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