Your Policing in Cheshire

From 28 July, residents across Cheshire will receive a copy of the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Annual Report.

John Dwyer said, “During my first full year in office I have been working to represent the views of the people of Cheshire when it comes to policing. I am very proud of the fact that crime has continued to fall, satisfaction in policing has remained stable and this is despite making £8 million savings without affecting frontline policing. There is still more to do and I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

“This report details how I have been meeting my election promises and how I have been putting victims at the centre of policing. When I am out and about talking to people, they often ask me about my role and what I have been doing and I hope that the Report goes some way to explain what I do.

“My role continues to expand; transforming the rehabilitation of offenders, increased use of technology and collaboration also features in the report.

“My vision is to make Cheshire an even safer place in which to live and work.  In order to achieve this, I will work closely with the Constabulary and in partnership with a range of organisations to tackle issues at a local, regional and national level.”

The Commissioner is required by law to produce an annual report and this document sets out some of the things he has been doing.


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