Deer dumping mystery solved

Following an investigation by the Rural Crime Team into a deer carcass being dumped at a tip in Poynton, a 30-year-old man has been spoken to.

Additional enquiries have verified the deer being obtained lawfully.

PC Richard Walker said: “The matter highlights the requirement of such activity to be professionally managed with carcasses disposed of carefully.

“In cases of personal consumption of deer, robust packaging such as double bagging needs to adhered to and confirm with the council which regulates your local tip whether they accept animal carcasses. This ultimately would prevent any alarm and distress to members of the public visiting such tips.

“The people who reported the incident did the right thing by contacting the Constabulary about the suspicious activity and I would advise anyone who sees suspicious activity to report it to the police.

“Macclesfield Rural and Wildlife Team is committed to tackling rural crime and will continue to investigate such reports.”

Anyone with information on rural crime should contact Cheshire Police on 101.

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