Mushroom Walk

Sunday 8th October

With over 40 varieties of mushrooms at Arley this is an opportunity to see and hear about the diverse array of multi-coloured growths, in the autumnal months of the year, which we know as fungi. Fungi are the fruiting bodies of underground organisms that are neither plant nor animal. These mystical creations are structured in a way similar to plants yet feed in the way of animals, by drawing sustenance from living or dead matter. These two major factors contribute to fungi being classified in a Kingdom of their own.

This walk is not intended as a food foray and species may not be taken for culinary use, edibility will not be discussed, concentration will be on identification and building up a knowledge of the fungal world.

Booking essential, waterproof clothing and sensible footwear should be worn as this walk is in grass and woodland areas. Meeting in the stable yard.
Entry to The Gardens is an additional fee.

To book call 01565 777 353 Ext 20, £8 pp.

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