An evening with mountaineer Jamie Andrew

Join Jamie Andrew as he tells his inspirational story as part of the Buxton Adventure Festival.

Jamie Andrew is an incredible Scottish mountaineer, who in January 1999 faced a dramatic rescue from the Alps. Jamie and a climbing partner were trapped for five nights on a French mountain. The storm bound icy summit became part of one of the most dramatic rescues known in the history of the Alps, unfortunately the rescue came too late to save his climbing partner. Jamie suffered hypothermia and extreme frostbite which resulted in his hands and feet being amputated.

For some this would have seemed an impossible obstacle, but Jamie has gone on to achieve some incredible feats. Not only has he learned to walk again, he has now taken up skiing, marathon running and most impressively has not let his experience taint his love for climbing as he still climbs his favourite peaks, in 2016 he became the first quadruple amputee to climb the Matterhorn.

Jamie is a truly inspirational speaker who hopes that his experiences and achievements will help others to reach their full potential. Jamie’s story, recounted with honesty and passion, is nothing short of incredible.

Jamie Andrew is at Pavilion Arts Centre on Wednesday 17 January. Tickets are priced at £17.50. Discounts are available. To buy tickets contact Buxton Opera House Box Office, Tel: 01298 72190 or visit:

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