Equipment taken from Brassington’s

Following the closure of Brassingtons Bakery Ltd a quantity of bakery equipment and a delivery vehicle were illegally removed from the premises at 58 Brown Street, Macclesfield.

These items should have been disposed of by a liquidator, to help fund unpaid staff wages, staff redundancies and significant debts from a number of creditors.

Cheshire Police were informed but have declined to take action.

Can we still rely on the police to protect us?

If anyone has any information that may lead to recovery of any of these items please email

1 x Toyota HiAce 2007 delivery van, silver, registration number 88 BAP – value £3,000
1 x John Hunt 8-station semi-automatic pie blocking machine – value £30,000.

John Hunt 8-station pie blocker

Below: Air compressor for blocker. Note this is similar to the one taken £500

Air compressor for pie blocker

1 x White spiral  commercial dough mixing machine. NB this is a similar looking machine – not the model taken. Value £5,000


White spiral  commercial dough mixing machine. Note the actual machine is white stove-enameled

2 x Crypto Peerless Handomatic heated blocking machines. Value £2,000 each

Crypto Peerless Handamatic pie blocking machine

1 x Depositor/filler (similar to this) Value £2,500

Jam injector depositor filler

1 x John Hunt pastry conveyor – £3,000

Pastry conveyor

2 x Stainless steel gas bread provers. Value £3,000

Gas bread provers – the centre image is similar to the two missing ones

A large quantity of die sets for the pie blocker and Handomatic machines £3,000

Several sets of die dies and cutters for the Handamatic and John Hunt pie blocker were taken

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