Police track perps in the snow

Two suspected thieves were caught out after police tracked them by following their footprints in the snow. Officers investigating vehicle break-ins in Macclesfield noticed two sets of footprints walking away from the targeted vehicles.

Following the tracks eventually led them to the suspects, who were arrested. Cheshire Police tweeted: ‘The snow brought MISERY to two males last night. ‘Mainly because the police followed their footprints and arrested them for breaking into vehicles in Macclesfield. Stolen property recovered too.’

A spokesman for Cheshire Constabulary said: ‘At 11.25pm on 27 February police received a report of theft from a van in Northgate Avenue in Macclesfield. ‘The offenders made off on foot leaving a trail of footprints in the snow. Officers made a search of the area and arrested two 39-year-old men, one from Manchester and one from Stockport.

Editor: Would local police have investigated the theft of £50,000 of equipment from Brassington’s bakery if it had been snowing?

Can we still rely on the police to protect us?

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