Do you recognise this laundry?

This old photo was discovered stuck behind an old family photo – so guess it must be in Macclesfield – possibly Macclesfield Infirmary or Parkside.

Email if you can enlighten us.

We’ve been contacted on Facebook by a lady who recalls collecting her uniform there in 1987 – she tells us that this is/was Parkside Laundry.


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  1. Editor

    March 5, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Tom Scragg 5 March from FaceBook
    No one has mentioned West Park Hospital in previous posts
    Examination of the plans of the Macclesfield Union Workhouse dated 1871 (later to be named West Park Hospital) show that the Laundry Room is identical in Plan shape to the one in this photo with the external windows on the Left and the Boiler Room on the Right Hand Side and entry at the far end.
    I understand that Parkside Laundry was much larger and of different construction and contained a different make and shape of Callendar.
    It is also unlikely that the Hospital Committee would have allowed a planned internal photo to be taken of the inmates in the interests of their protection rights.

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