Fraudulent bank messages

If you have any vulnerable friends or relatives advise them to be on the lookout for suspicious emails purporting to be from a bank – such as the following.

Firstly, your bank should never request you log on from an email.

Second, look for the typographic errors – there’s always one – note this came from the ‘Help Center’ – in the UK we spell that Centre!

Remember, if you’re logging onto your bank never, never, never log on from an email!

Always, always, always log on from a bookmark you created.

If you have been affected by something like these, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Fraudulent emails look something like this – the RESTORE MY ACCOUNT is a hotlink through to a fraudulent site:

Incomplete Security Information


Information we use to determine the security of your account is missing we need you to confirm as soon as possible.


You are required to review and update missing information*

We have temporarily suspended your online access to prevent any loss to your balance until you securely submit missing information: Click below to continue


Thank You,

The NatWest Accounts team

This email can’t receive replies. For more information, visit the NatWest Accounts Help Center.

*The location is approximate and determined by the IP address it was coming from.


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