The Rumours are true!

Only the second time I’d seen Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, and I recalled that as being a sensational night.

Well now they’ve upped a gear and moved even further up the ranking of what’s really hot.

Someone out there will correct me if I’m wrong but I’m convinced ‘Stevie Nicks’ is a replacement for the old one – and I did prefer her interpretation. Leaving her voice to do the talking – (without the constant and at times overstated whirling) – and man could she belt out a song.

On a purely technical level the musicianship was simply staggering – everyone doing justice to whatever instrument they laid their hands on.

I’m guessing most of the genuinely packed auditorium  were there to hear later FW music but the earlier Peter Green catalogue was just sensational and made the night for many of the oldies in the audience.

For the last twenty minutes everyone was up on their feet – and a rocking encore with a rendition of Tusk left everyone on a high.

I know Buxton Opera House sold out early for this gig so you know what to do next time they visit.

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