A great day out at Tatton Farm

A family visit to Tatton Park farm offers a perfect day out to settle those starting, or return-to-school worries.

Emily and Nile had a great time on the farm, meeting animals old and new – followed by an hour or two in the adventure woodland.

Whilst the weather holds (and maybe even when it breaks) Tatton Park and its farm has to be the destination for a tremendous day out – for the young – and not so young.

All images ilovemacc.com ⓒ Kari Sellars

As an experienced chicken keeper Emily shows Nile how to handle fowl

They’re all so pretty

Nile checks out the Pig Ark

. . . and of course the pigs and piglets

A baby angora goat, just over a week old – still waiting to be named

This baby goat is also called Emily – or is it Elliot?

Emily shows Nile how to milk a cow . . .

. . . now how did she do it?

The adventure woodland area goes down a storm

. . . carefull how you go . . .

Thanks mum for a great day out

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