Password generator

It seems like every day the cyber crooks are developing ever more varied scams to you from your hard-earned funds.

Strong and varied passwords are the best defence against hackers and other unauthorized users attempting to gain access to your online accounts but hackers can use sophisticated tools to guess at probable combinations of characters to crack a password.

In the past, where “brute forcing” a password simply meant attempting every possible combination of letters and numbers until the software happened upon the correct sequence. That took a lot of time and computing power, making it worthwhile for hackers to only crack the simplest and shortest passwords.

Nowadays, however, password cracking software is much more advanced. It significantly narrows down possible alphanumeric combinations by analyzing and inputting common patterns, saving hackers time and resources. Advanced password crackers can predict punctuation and capitalization patterns based on always-improving rulesets, dictionaries, and the growing number of leaked and cracked password lists.

Comparitech provides a free to use password generator which will find invaluable. Define the number of characters and list any that can’t be used (as required by some applications) – just ensure you keep a safe copy of it!


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