Offensive T-shirt results in ban

Above: Rebekah Wershbale (ⓒ Matthew Peover)

A young Macclesfield mum has been barred from her local after a customer complained that her T-shirt offended trans people.

Rebekah Wershbale was ejected from Five Clouds in Macclesfield Market Place, for wearing a top with the slogan: “Woman women noun adult human feminine”.

Five Clouds

The 34-year-old was told by a barmaid that she was no longer welcome for wearing the T-shirt. She told the Mail on Sunday: “She told me that the T-shirt I was wearing was upsetting people because it was transphobic and not inclusive so I was barred. What she meant was that I was somehow offending men who say they are women because my T-shirt did not include them in the definition of a woman. There aren’t even any transgender staff or patrons at the pub. It’s crackers.”

Rebekah is a supporter of feminist group Fair Play For Women, which opposed a Government’s consultation to reform the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).The suggested legal change would allow people to self-identify as the gender they believe they are without any medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Feminists and trans activists have been engaging in an increasingly heated battle with some women’s groups fearing the change will harm the safety and privacy of women.

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