Gawsworth phone mast plans refused

Above: Residents of Penningtons Lane and the surrounding areas gathered in February, 2019 to protest to the proposal to site a 15m mobile telephone mast and several large cabinets housing equipment, on the attractive green.

Residents in Gawsworth are celebrating after plans to erect a mobile phone mast on the corner of Penningtons Lane were refused by Cheshire East’s planners.

The planning officer’s decision stated: “The prior approval of the local planning authority is required as to the siting and appearance of the installation. The siting and appearance has been assessed and it is considered that the siting and appearance of the installation will have a significant negative impact on the visual amenity of the surrounding area.”

“The proposed telecommunication installation by reason of its siting and appearance would form a visually intrusive feature which would be significantly harmful to the appearance of the open space on which it would be sited. The proposed development in this location would diminish the contribution the open space makes to the area, particularly as part of the gateway into Macclesfield and the transition from the open countryside to a more urban environment.”

“The proposed telecommunications installation is contrary to Policies SE2 and SE1 of the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy 2017 and paragraph 127 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2019).”

Site of the proposed mast on the corner of Penningtons Lane and Congleton Road

The campaign to oppose EE Ltd (Harlequin Group) proposal, led by Penningtons Lane residents, was supported by Gawsworth Parish Council, local MP David Rutley and local councillors.

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