Macclesfield drug dealer jailed

Macclesfield drug dealer, Aaron Christopher Bradley, (28), of Western Avenue was arrested by police officers following a chase through Macclesfield has been jailed for three years.

Aaron Christopher Bradley, 28, of Western Avenue, Macclesfield hid wraps of Class A drugs down his pants during the pursuit, Chester Crown Court were told.

Prosecutor Peter Hussey told the court that plain clothed police officers saw Bradley acting suspiciously along with another man near a Ford Fiesta car on Windmill Street at around 12.30pm on March 27 this year.

Mr Hussey said: “When an officer made himself known to the defendant he sprinted off on foot and was pursued along various streets. At one point he was seen to throw away a package which he pulled from the rear of his shorts and also threw away a metallic item which was later found to be the keys for the Fiesta car.”

When he was apprehended he was found to be in possession of £85 in cash and two mobile phones. A further body search search while in custody found 23 wraps of cocaine and 17 wraps of heroin with an estimated value of £400.

Investigating detectives found two messages on one of the phones believed to be from a main dealer.

Mr Hussey said one text was asking to give account of a cash transaction and another said ‘reload’, believed to mean replenish supplies of drugs.

Bradley pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply both cocaine and heroin.

Defending Bradley, Maria Masselis said her client had agreed to a basis of plea which was not disputed by the Crown.

She said her client was a user of crack cocaine and heroin and was under pressure to pay off drug debts and feed his own habit by transporting heroin and cocaine for others.

She said that on the day in question he was due to deliver drugs to a location on the Hurdsfield estate in Macclesfield.

Judge Patrick Thompson said heroin and cocaine cause ‘untold misery’ and anyone found dealing them faced a custodial sentence.

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