BT ‘phone scam

The scammers are at it again.

I’ve just had a phone call – a recorded voice told me it was BT and that my landline and broadband internet connection would be terminated within 24 hours. If I was to avert this it was critical I pressed 1 to speak to an advisor or 2 to speak to the technical department – which I was assured would resolve my problems.

I realised it was a scam immediately so put the receiver down and contacted BT’s scam department – who confirmed it to be a scam.

Had I hit 1 or 2, I was told my call would have been transferred to another country – usually India – whereupon the scammers would attempt to either gain my bank details and empty my account – or load up a trojan onto my computer and wreak havoc there.

If you have any elderly or vulnerable friends or relatives who are BT customer please warn

BT’s scam line is 0800 661 441.

Anyone with BT’s call protect service should put down the receiver, pick it up and dial 1572 – option 1. This will divert the call to a scam mailbox and alert BT.

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