Going for Gold – moves to Dunham Massey

Owing to extensive flooding at Lyme at the end of July, the Sensory theatre performance ‘Told in Gold’ will now be held at Dunham Massey between Monday 21st October and Friday, 25th October, 2019

Parts of Dunham Massey’s gardens will be transformed into a mysterious maze of giant set pieces, including a birds nest big enough for dozens of people to enter, as part of an all-new outdoor theatre experience for families.

The Lost Words: Told in Gold is a fully immersive and interactive show, and just one of several events at Lyme this year based on Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris’s beloved and award-winning children’s book of poems and illustrations. The Lost Words was written to counteract words of nature disappearing from children’s vocabularies, words such as acorn, otter, magpie and heather. The book  aims to bring these words back into the minds and imaginations of children, and ensure that interest in and care of wild spaces isn’t lost to future generations.

The theatre company behind The Lost Words: Told in Gold have previously performed at Just So and Woodlands Festivals with another work based on the book, entitled Seek, Find, Speak. They will be giving an exclusive preview of Told in Gold as part of Manchester Festival of Nature at Heaton Park on 30 June, but Lyme will be hosting the first full experience.

The Lost Words: Told in Gold, has been created as a fully sensory experience for children aged 4+, and is also designed to be an accessible experience for visitors with with visual impairments, SEN or autism. Spoken sections will be performed in Makaton (simplified sign language).


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