Trouble ont’ Moss!

Our on the spot Silkmen fan reported a dramatic incident during the Macclesfield vs Leyton Orient match at The Moss, when a protester launched an attack on the club owners.

A first half goal by Theo Archibald was followed in the second half by Paddy Osadebe and Theo Vassell – both new Macc Town signings.

At this point a man jumped onto the new home team dug-out – holding up a “KM Against all odds MTFC” flag – which owing to the high winds he struggled to unfold.

Amid heckling from supporters, he released a barrage of foul language before being apprehended and led away by senior security.

Macclesfield Town eventually won the match 3 – 0.

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  1. Editor

    August 11, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    We received an email concerning this item and now understand the banner actually stated: “KM Against all odds MTFC”. The item has since been amended to reflect this.
    The email from another Macc Town fan reads:
    Witnessed this kick off in front of me, never thought to record it, sorry.
    I had an altercation with him in the first half… shouting abuse from the rear of the stand behind me… calmed down a bit after that… came down and had a word with someone sitting next to Alkhadis brothers wife just before half time then didn’t reappear until he and another bloke came back into the stand and he climbed onto one of the newly installed dug-outs to unfurl the banner….his mate chickened out and wouldn’t climb on to help, so he struggled to complete his protest.
    The stewards stood and watched until he came down and then escorted him out.
    The picture you have is of him effing and jeffing strongly with the Macc fans….most of whom would have agreed with the sentiments but not the manner of the protest.
    No police, and ineffectual stewards.
    Considering the ill feeling towards the owner of the club on many levels before the game, you would have to think that the stewards should have been expecting problems and would have been prepared, but obviously not.

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