Park and Pram Fit

Back in June, Macclesfield Town Council launched Park Fit – a free, weekly half hour morning fitness session in South Park led by a qualified personal trainer.

Park Fit was introduced to provide an easy, free way for people to access guided physical activity tuition which they can then use outside of the sessions to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

After the success of the first 12 sessions, an evening session has been introduced to cater for those people who would like to take part but the morning sessions don’t quite fit around their lifestyle. On Thursday 5th September at 6pm, the weekly sessions will begin and they will continue every Thursday for 8 weeks.  They are free for local people to access and enjoy.

In addition to Park Fit, Pram Fit is another exciting project which has been launched by Macclesfield Town Council. Pram Fit is aimed at new parents who are looking to get back into fitness without the added pressure of needing to find a babysitter as pre-school children are welcome too! Pram Fit sessions will be based around slowly re-introducing exercise and incorporating prams and strollers. Pram Fit will begin on Thursday 5th September, 10:30am in South Park. Sessions will last for half an hour and will run for a trial period of 6 weeks. Women taking part will need to be at least 6 months post-natal.

Helena Gowler, Community Engagement Officer for Macclesfield Town Council said ‘Over the last few years, Macclesfield Town Council has introduced a variety of ways to access fitness in a fun and sociable way including park run, junior parkrun and street sports. We decided to trial park fit back in June and those taking part have really enjoyed it. We are now trying out the evening sessions to see if even more people are able to take advantage of these free ways to get fit. It is not just about the physical benefits, new parents attending pram fit will be able to meet others while socialising with people on a similar journey to themselves. When on maternity leave, budgets can be tight so by providing these sessions free and removing the barrier of cost, we hope that lots of new parents can enjoy Pram Fit.’

For more information on either Park Fit or Pram Fit, please contact personal trainer Matthew Rigby PT on 07769 211684.

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