The Silkmen – Colchester (Home) 28.09.2019

Jen Kelly – a.k.a. Cheshire’s Revenge / The Word Nerd – brings ilovemacc her own take on the highs and lows of The Silkmen

A result can tell a thousand stories. And when you support a lower league team you’re sometimes forced to take the full story from the single line result flashing up on your phone. Take Stockport’s game against Torquay yesterday…

Good effort Stockport, almost managed it…!

Four 1st half goals for Torquay. One was a penalty, two were own goals. County getting thumped by four goals at home. It doesn’t take a Statto to work out how Stockport fans must be feeling today.

So what story does the result from our game yesterday against Colchester tell? An exciting draw filled with chances for both sides? A fair result after 2 teams battled it out? Or yet another draw for a home team that seem to have hit the pause button on their season…..

Draw-n out and painful

Watching the rain pour down before kick off, a small part of me secretly hoped that the game would be off. With a cancelled game I could’ve just made a brew, put my feet up and removed MTFC from my brain for a short time. But no, the footballing gods wanted me to get my arse to the Moss and suffer through another 90 minutes of pain. Again.

Being fair, the first half wasn’t too painful. Colchester looked sluggish from their Tottenham top trumps in the week and we put some decent attacks together. Paddy’s goal after only 15 minutes was the least we deserved.

A cracking ball in from Arch landed at the bottom of Paddy’s long, gangly legs. It looked like he’d taken one step too many but the ball just seemed to stick to his feet. He was given time and space to take his shot and, kaboom, goal!

We had more chances to go 2, 3 or even 4 up by the break. A header from Arthur that should’ve hit the back of the net. A surging run from Arch should’ve resulted in more than a half chance. We should’ve put the game to bed.

But we didn’t. We let Colchester back in and decided not to bother marking at all for a pinpoint cross in from the right. Back of the net. Shite.

Daryl and the saga of misguided nonsense…

The second half was potentially one of the worst I’ve seen for a long time. When you’re gazing at the clock wondering if you could stage a one-woman pitch invasion to get the game abandoned, you know it’s dire straits. We had no shots in the second half. Not one. No real shape and no real clue.

Where’s this guy when you need him eh?!

In Daryl’s post-match comments he was full of praise for Archibald. He called him a great defender. Huh? Correct me if i’m wrong Dazza but Theo isn’t a defender, is he? He might be good at dropping back to defend but he shouldn’t really have to if the defence are doing their job properly.

Dazza also talked about bringing Ironballs on because he can hold the ball up really well and flick on.Yeah, fair enough, he can. But I have one question. A really important question…


As I see it, if you’re bringing on a player to hold the ball up and flick on, you need someone else up front to make that effective. And as both Arthur and Victor had gone off, who was that someone meant to be?

A view from the South…

As I think I’ve confessed before on these pages, I regularly stalk other teams’ message boards searching for talk of Macc. Looking at CU-FCchat after yesterday’s game, the Colchester fans generally acknowledge they were pretty crap and were lucky to get anything out of the game; “Macclesfield aren’t the push-overs they were last season, I’d say an away point today is a good point.”

They also cite the same issue that has been dogging us this season – the final third. Well, on that I think I’ve worked out what the problem is. Fellow blogger A View from S2 mentions an interesting stat; over half of Macc’s shots on goal this season have come from outside the area. So there’s the problem, clear as day…


So, what next…?

The first calls for Dazza’s head have started. Perhaps they’re warranted, but I’m not sure what plan B is. Could Danny do any better? He is part of the management three after all, so surely he’s got some say in how things are panning out? I don’t know the answer, but what I do know is that we are dropping down the leagues like a bag of stones thrown into a river. A bag filled with the hopes and dreams of every Macc fan, weighed down and slowly suffocating.

Sorry, bit too bleak for a Sunday?!

But that’s how it feels. Bastarding bleak. The off-field issues are still ongoing and, to be honest, I’m so sick of thinking about them. I mean, from what I can tell Amar doesn’t give a single hoot about the state of the club or anyone connected with it. The customer experience was better in The Calais Jungle. At least they could get a drink, right?!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Jen Kelly, aka The Word Nerd

“The Word Nerd: For everything you wanted to know about MTFC, and some things you didn’t…”

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