Apple email scam

If you’ve received an email like this purporting to be from Apple it’s a scam – do not follow the message’s instructions.

Verify your Apple ID email address.
You have selected this email address as your new Apple ID. To verify this email address belongs to you, enter the code below on the email verification page:
This code will expire three hours after this email was sent.
Why you received this email.
Apple requires verification whenever an email address is selected as an Apple ID. Your Apple ID cannot be used until you verify it.
If you did not make this request, you can ignore this email. No Apple ID will be created without verification.

In my case the message was sent to an email address I don’t ever use for Apple – so they shouldn’t hold it – and I certainly didn’t request a change of email with them.

The email looks authentic – even down to the sender’s address – But it doesn’t feel ‘right’ and, if it isn’t, is almost certainly seeking to extract details of your apple account or worse, your credit card and/or bank account.

If you’re ever unsure of the authenticity of an Apple email – forward it to or if you receive messages from other company’s run a search for their phishing department and forward the message onto them.

The message here is don’t trust any email unless your absolutely confident it’s kosher.

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