Silkmen may boycott FA Cup tie

Macclesfield Town players are considering boycotting the FA Cup tie against Kingstonian – even going on strike over their unpaid salaries.

The fuming squad want to make their point that they won’t accept late payments.

They’re seeking to do this without damaging the club’s position in League Two and intend to stay away from training before the game against the non-leaguers.

They believe the only way of highlighting their case and putting pressure on owner Amar Alkhadi is to refuse to play in the first round tie which would lead to a possible expulsion and hit the chances of The Silkmen going on a money spinning run.

The playing squad have also been seeking legal advice on cancelling their contracts in a bid to find new clubs.

They complained to the English Football League (EFL) last week that this is the tenth time wages haven’t been paid on time – and the second time this season.

The Professional Footballers’ Association said last week it was in discussions with the EFL and had requested they begin the process of implementing sanctions against the club.

A players spokesman said: “We have not been paid again and after contacting the EFL we once again feel extremely let down by them after they promised they’d look into it in more detail and didn’t realise how serious the matter was.”

“It is clear however that they’ve done neither as an email sent to them 15 days ago has had no response whatsoever.”

The players are now regretfully left with no alternative but to seek legal advice on how to cancel their contracts and find new clubs”.

Last month, a winding-up petition against the club was adjourned again – with the owners suggesting Brexit is hampering their ability to clear the club’s debts.

Earlier this year, another judge heard that the club owed the taxman about £70,000.

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