Mike is Silk 106.9 Teacher of the Year

Above: Club Secretary Matt O’Brien, Chairman Sam Fregapane, Academy Coach Mike Tovee and U16s Coach Gaz Butterworth

Tytherington Juniors Football Club attended Cheshire Silk 106.9’s 2019 Local Hero Awards – where Academy Coach Mike Tovee was nominated, and won, Silk 106.9’s Teacher of the Year for his work with Tytherington Juniors Academy.

Mike has been helping coach players from Tytherington for over 30 years and his colleagues have said they are all incredibly proud of this amazing achievement.

“He works tirelessly to help the players within the club improve and is well renowned for his technical training.” said Club Secretary Matt O’Brien.

Mike was nominated after a player from the club’s Academy was asked to draw a picture of someone who is trustworthy whilst at school. Most children drew pictures of parents, grandparents etc – Rory amazingly decided to draw a pic of club coach Mike – and wrote some lovely words alongside it – all echoed by his colleagues!

Young player, Rory, has been with the Academy for over 12 months and clearly brilliant Coach Mike has had an amazingly positive impact.

A parent spotted the post on the club’s social media pages and made the nomination to Cheshire Silk 106.9’s 2019 Local Hero Awards where, against huge opposition, Mike won – and accepted his award with a standing ovation from the crowded room.

Tytherington Junior’s Academy are currently on the lookout for new players to join their Academy – and be coached by Silk 106.9’s Teacher of the Year Coach Mike Tovee.

The Academy have a few spaces available for any child currently in Reception year at school (age 4/5).

Check out Tytherington Juniors Facebook page for more information and to put your child’s name down for a free trial: https://www.facebook.com/tjfc1987/ 

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