Are you happy to pay more?

Cheshire Fire Authority is seeking views on its proposal to increase its share of council tax by 1.99% for 2020-21.

The increase would see the precept levied by Cheshire Fire Authority on the average band D property in Cheshire increase by £1.55 per year (approximately 3p per week) to £79.29.

Cheshire Fire Authority chairman Cllr Bob Rudd said: “Over the past 12 months, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has really demonstrated how vital it is when responding to major incidents such as the Beechmere fire in Crewe, as well as all the prevention and protection work that the staff undertake.”

“We should not underestimate the value of our firefighters and the fire service as a whole, and I hope that this year’s proposed increase – which equates to just an extra 13 pence a month – will be supported by the residents of Cheshire.”

The Authority has undertaken a review of the whole Service, which has identified proposals to improve how it prevents and protects communities from, and responds to, fire and other emergencies.

This consultation on the Authority’s 2020-21 budget will run until Monday 3 February 2020. You can provide your views by completing the short survey below:

Fire Authority members will consider the results of this consultation at the meeting of the Authority on Wednesday 12 February 2020.

Editor: First the police, now Cheshire Fire Authority is looking to increase its share of council tax. Their appeal is well-timed – to coincide with the horrendous situation in Australia. We all recognise the Fire Service do a tremendous job – under extremely difficult conditions – but we can’t escape the notion that any increase in funding won’t find its way to the front-line firefighters – but will be spent on more administrators and vanity projects. What’s more, their fire-prevention efforts are working – there are fewer fires.

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