Apprentice strategy for Metro Rod

Above: Metro Rod managing director, Peter Molloy

Following a successful year since the initial launch of its apprenticeship programme, Macclesfield-based Metro Rod is now aiming to recruit up to 80 new apprentices over the coming year.

Metro Rod says its apprenticeship scheme is an industry first.

Nearly a year since launch remains the only company to offer a bespoke apprenticeship, accredited by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

During apprenticeship, participants join specialist drainage teams in Metro Rod franchises around the country, in anticipation they will become highly-skilled members of the industry.

All teaching is provided in-house and adopts a practical hands-on approach covering all elements of drainage, from traditional to modern technologies.

Metro Rod managing director Peter Molloy said: “Nearly 12 months after the launch of our apprenticeship scheme there are now multiple apprentices working out of our depots across the UK. We can confidently say that each of our new employees are benefiting from this way of training, whilst our customers are gaining from their fresh knowledge and new skills on-site.”

“Every person who takes part in our new apprenticeship scheme is supported each step of the way. Whether they want to be an engineer or specalise in a particular discipline, this is a great way for apprentices to discover the best route for them.

He added: “Our ethos, when it comes to apprenticeships, is to provide the right people with the right skills to build their own careers, grow our business and better the drainage industry. These beliefs perfectly tie in with this year’s National Apprenticeship Week theme of ‘Look Beyond’, as our scheme gives apprentices the tools to look beyond the end of their training to a career they can continue to grow throughout their adult lives.”

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