The unspoken reality of school cultures

Bollington author and education consultant, Jeanie Davies, has written a book called The Trust Revolution in Schools based on two decades of experience in education.

A former teacher, senior school leader, coach and teacher trainer, Jeanie wanted to translate her learning from years of conversations with teachers and education leaders, to not only articulate unspoken truths of pervasive fear cultures, but to offer a clear roadmap for transformation.

In recognition of the kindness, altruism and good intentions of teachers, she explores the impact of Ofsted, accountability, funding, workload and societal challenges that have prompted a fear response. The book examines what underpins these patterns and sets out a practical model for embedding a trust-based culture, drawing on four key psychological concepts.

Bollington author and education consultant, Jeanie Davies

A blueprint for schools to follow, the book offers practical steps needed to create a culture where staff that crave and give open, robust feedback are proactive, learn from failure and have the capacity to thrive through challenging questions. It also explores hierarchical structures, preoccupation with data and evaluation, and fundamentally recognises that the answers lie within schools themselves.

The book draws on Jeanie’s work in school settings across the country, supporting leadership teams to overcome significant cultural challenges and create a framework for lasting change.

Commenting on the launch of The Trust Revolution in Schools, Jeanie said: “I’ve spent so many years working in school environments that are characterised by fear cultures. Empty communal spaces, low morale and high incidence of sick leave are clear giveaways.

“The great news is that there is potential for huge cultural shifts, underpinned by leadership buy-in to open conversations, the capacity to give and receive feedback and an understanding of the importance of how everyone relates to each other. They are simple things but so often go unspoken in school environments.”

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