Rushton’s Royal Oak won’t reopen on the 4th

The Royal Oak in Rushton Spencer has announced it will not be reopening when pubs in England begin serving again on July 4.

The tenant has confirmed they would be leaving the pub – which is owned by the community in Rushton Spencer – and thanked those who had supported the Macclesfield Road inn while he was there.

On Sunday evening (28 June) the committee that operates the community-owned pub said they would be working to reopen it as quickly as possible.

In an initial statement the tenant said:  “This is a tough thing to write but it needs to be said. It is with my deepest regret and sadness that I will not be able to reopen the doors to the Royal Oak.”

“The current situation has been hard for everyone but it’s been especially hard for us at the Oak considering the work we had done in January that ran through February as well meaning we couldn’t trade properly at all for the last 6 months.”

“I came into this village over two years ago with a dream and was very lucky to feel welcomed like I was. I have made some great friends and hope to continue them friendships forever.”

“I’m sorry if this has disappointed people who were looking forward to me opening again but this is a choice I must make for my own health and mind.”

“I just want to thank those that stuck by me through good and bad. I wish the best of luck to whoever takes the pub on after me.”

“All the staff who did a great job over the time I was there, and the locals who gave us some great support.”

The committee behind the pub say it will now reopen ‘very soon’.

In a statement online the committee said:  “You will have no doubt heard that Ollie our tenant has decided to give notice and not reopen the pub. The management committee will be arranging for the pub to reopen ASAP and I’ll keep you all updated. The pub will reopen very soon. In the meantime we wish Ollie the very best for the future.”

Pubs across the country have been closed since March but from next Saturday they can reopen with strict rules in place.

Rushton Spencer has just two remaining pubs – The Royal Oak and the Knott in on Station Road.

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