Readers write

S. A. R. Whitham writes regarding our item on the King’s School.

I saw the article on the “I Love Macc” website about the anonymous donor, the generous gift, and its purpose, viz. the re-creation of the cricket pitch at your new site.

The photograph of Mr Wilson on the present pitch was taken with the little Memorial Pavilion in the background. As you must be aware, this building has been, and still is, a subject of controversy. Destined for the wreckers’ ball, it nevertheless speaks silently on behalf of those it commemorates, and in conscience we should not ignore that voice.

Any “re-created” playing field requires something of its original setting, otherwise it is merely a grass plat. I hope this setting at the new school will include the pavilion being re-instated there. I would be interested to know if there are any plans to do this.

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