Cheshire Police’s week of action ‘to find criminals’

Yes you read that right, Cheshire Constabulary is carrying out a week of action  “to locate those evading justice.”

Forgive my ignorance but I thought this is what they were supposed to do?

Whatever, we’ve been advised by Cheshire Police that in this latest initiative – as of Monday 7 September, “officers and staff from local policing units, the Special Constabulary and specialist departments from across the force will be concentrating their efforts and combining expertise to track down people suspected of committing crimes in the county.”

Every department has drawn up a specific list of individuals they want to speak to and “have information to deal with them swiftly, whether that’s a charge, summons or other outcome.”

Chief Inspector Sarah Heath, who led on the operation, said: “Individuals who try to evade the courts are denying victims their chance to see justice done and this can often leave many of those affected by crime unable to move on with their lives. This week of action is to highlight to the public our commitment in tracking down those who try their best to evade justice. Locating wanted suspects is our day-to-day business, and when we identify those who are a priority for us to find, we have the use of specialist departments to help us in our search.

“No stone is left unturned, so if you know you are wanted, or you have information about someone who is wanted, it’s time to do the right thing and hand yourself in. You might just be on our list and it’s only a matter of time before we track you down.”

So, for at least one week, we can all sleep safely in our beds.

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