Police seek extra funding – again!

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Do you want the police precept element of your Council Tax to rise yet again – following on from last year’s – and the year before’s increase of over 13%?

If Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner gets his way there’ll be yet another rise helping to push up your council tax even further.

You probably missed the very low-key, online ‘survey’s, but as a result of them the police precept has increased year on year for many years.

Most of that extra funding has gone towards politically correct initiatives – rather than crime fighting. Try reporting a theft or criminal damage and see how far you get.

£1.25 a month doesn’t sound so much – but Cheshire Police already costs taxpayers £214 million each year.

Cheshire’s commissioner promised an additional 43 frontline officers for 2019-20 – but when’s the last time you spotted one on the streets?

No doubt those extra officers, if they were recruited, ended up overseeing Politically Correct initiatives, within head office, rather than fighting the sort of crime which affects us all.

As in previous years the ‘consultation’ will be entirely online and runs for just several weeks

Don’t even think of going to your local police station to discuss this. Since April of 2020 police stations have been open for just one hour a day.

You can offer your views in a simple, questionnaire, without divulging your personal details, at: https://wh1.snapsurveys.com/siam/surveylanding/surveylogin.asp?sk=160759151682.

The consultation closes at midnight on Sunday 24 January 2021.

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