Macclesfield Open Online Art Exhibition

Following last year’s highly successful online art show, the Macclesfield Open Art Exhibition has returned and can now be seen on their website, until the end of October.

As with last year’s exhibition, the dual aim is to put on a great show and to raise as much money as possible for East Cheshire Hospice, with artists who submitted work asked to make a donation to the hospice. This year’s show features 150 artists, resulting in a considerable sum of money again being raised. With the majority of works on show being for sale, even more money will be raised from sales, as most artists have pledged to give an extra donation in lieu of the usual commission.

All of the work submitted has been included in the exhibition, which means there are works by amateurs as well as award-winning professionals, with some truly outstanding work – and not just by the professional artists.

There is no Visitors Choice prize this year. Last year’s winner was Tony Needham with his portrait of Ed Sheeran. This year he has again submitted a painting of the singer, along with others of Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix.

Last year’s winner was Tony Needham, who this year submitted a painting of Jimi Hendrix

Had there been a prize for the most popular work, excellent though his paintings are, he would have had stiff competition, not least from 12 year old Catherine Sinnott whose drawings, including ones of Amy Winehouse and the actress Luna Lovegood are quite astonishing for someone so young.

Twelve year-old Catherine Sinnot submitted this image of Luna Lovegood

The 420 works in the exhibition cover a wide range of styles, from abstract to realist, and techniques, from paintings and prints to photos and sculpture. There is also a wide range of prices, from as little as £15 to over £4000.

There is therefore something to appeal to all tastes, and pockets, so the hope is that many works will, in fact, sell.

The exhibition runs throughout September and October and should not be missed.

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