Video statement following Congleton match chaos

Directors of Macclesfield FC gave an emotional statement after chaos erupted during the match against Congleton, confirming that all fans involved will face a lifetime ban.

In a video posted on the Silkmen TV YouTube, head of football Robbie Savage and director Robert Smethurst addressed fans following scenes of fighting in the stands during the game on Monday (August 30). Savage and Smethurst confirmed that they were working with police and the local authority, while also confirming that those involved would receive lifetime bans.

Social media footage of the game showed supporters clashing during the fixture as people, including Savage himself, tried to break up the brawl.

Savage said: “We were both disappointed, shocked at some of the scenes that we witnessed. It’s unacceptable. We’re going to be very firm in the way we handle it.

“There will be lifetime bans from this football club. It’s disappointing that a few spoilt what has been an amazing journey and an amazing start to the season.

“But it’s going to get addressed. We’re working in conjunction with the local police force and the local authority. There will be a full investigation.”

Mr Smethurst said: “We were massively disappointed. When I bought this football club, it was about the community and the fans who are the most important people at a football club.

“We’ve got to just reflect on whether we did everything right. I believe we did everything right. We have a safety officer in place, we have 35-40 stewards in place. Could they have reacted a bit quicker? Possibly. That’s something we’ll look at and address.

“We’ve got to try and remain positive. We’re Macclesfield Football Club, we’re trying to get new fans to the ground which is hugely important for the longevity of the football club.

“Everything we’re trying to do here is about doing the right thing. We’re working around the clock to make sure that we have a successful football club for you all to enjoy.

“It was a disgrace. It was just a bad reflection on Macclesfield Football Club.”

Savage pledged that the scenes witnessed on Monday ‘won’t happen again’.

He added: “It just takes away from the positivity after nine months of hard work, desire, dedication from all our staff who work every hour of every day to enable you and us to watch that fantastic team out there.

“It hurts, it hurts deeply but we’ll continue to look at it. The people identified will be banned for life.”

The Silkmen won the match against Congleton 1-0, a result which saw them move to the top of the NWCFL Premier Division.


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