Christie to open on 13 December

The Christie at Macclesfield will treat its first patient on 13 December providing closer-to-home care for more than 1,500 existing Christie patients.

The more than 28,000 sq ft building offers outpatient care, palliative care, holistic support and information services and provides staff with the ability to conduct 12,500 radiotherapy treatments a year. It can also enable 6,800 chemotherapy and haematology treatments as well.

According to the NHS, The Christie at Macclesfield has the ability to accommodate 46,000 patient visits a year.

Having local access to treatment can make a difference for patients, with the NHS noting that many patients from Macclesfield used to spend hours travelling to Manchester for treatment, especially those who are undergoing radiotherapy which requires a visit every day for up to six weeks.

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