Rob makes Jordy’s day

Macclesfield FC supporter, Quinton Hayter and this son Jordy, received an extra-special welcome and treat from Macclesfield FC owner, Rob Smethurst, when they dropped into Bar 27 for Sunday lunch.

Quinton penned the following message on The Star Lane End Facebook page:

“On Sunday myself, my wife and our special-needs son, Jordy (he has Downs Syndrome) had a table booked at Bar 27 for a Sunday Roast.

“Jordy was most insistent that he wanted to wear his Macclesfield FC T-shirt and tracky top, that he wears to home games, hey because that’s what he wears when we go and watch the mighty Silkmen.

“When we arrived at Bar 27, I noticed the owner of Macclesfield Football Club, Rob, was also in there having lunch with his family.

Macclesfield FC owner, Rob Smethurst

“When they got up to leave, Rob came straight over to our table and complemented Jordy on what he was wearing, then said “What you really need is a hoodie to go with with what you have, lets go over to the shop and see what we can get you.

“Rob then found out that the shop was closed so he requested that someone got him a set a keys and off we set to the shop, Rob opened up the shop and piled hats, scarfs, mugs and footballs into Jordy’s grateful arms.

“He locked up, we had a chat about how the team was doing and how we desperately want promotion this season, shook our hands and wished us well.

“I can’t thank Rob enough for making Jordy’s Sunday so very special and I was struck by his enthusiasm and pride for the club.

“I also have to say that the food was fantastic.”

Editor: apologies to Rob Smethurst for the error in the earlier post which stated it was Robbie Savage.

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