Map makers across the UK are to gather in Macclesfield this week to explore the growing opportunities that ever-more-modern surveying equipment and techniques are allowing them.

The British Cartographic Society Annual Symposium will take place on Wednesday to Friday this week at Shrigley Hall, Pott Shrigley. The established three-day training event will allow attendees to gain new mapping knowledge and experience, while also taking part in interactive presentations and workshops.

Guest speakers at the symposium will include specialists from the private, government and academic fields, all of whom will have a common interest in enhancing the accessibility of maps and how they are of use in the modern world.

The biennial Helen Wallis Memorial Lecture will be presented by Mr Peter Barber who is the Head of Map Collections at the British Library, and organiser of exhibitions, such as Magnificent Maps, as well as being the presenter of the popular `The Beauty of Maps.`

A spokesman for the event, said, ” It provides both a valuable and enjoyable opportunity to learn and share information about recent projects, join focused discussion groups and network with colleagues and experts sharing the same interest.

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