It`s not April 1st – although I had to do a double take of the date. I didn`t catch the university professor`s name or place of study, however his message on the regional radio news programme was truly memorable. Following a study, which must have cost Lord knows how much, he had confirmed that we are increasingly reliant on sat nav technology. The study indicated too reliant and the prof was concerned that we desperately needed to devise a new technology that was less reliant on satellite communications. I have some news for the erudite academic. It`s a relatively old technology but has been proven to work time and time again – even in the event of a power cut. It does rely on paper or linen – but as both of these are recyclable could even be called green. We call them maps! Check them out at your local branch of W H Smith or you can even buy them online. You couldn`t make it up.

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