Cheshire Police have issued advice on social networking sites – one of the main tools rioters have been using to coordinate the violence.

A spokesman said: “Police in Cheshire are continuing to monitor such sites and will take robust action against anyone who appears to be promoting crimninality.

“The public are also contacting police when they see information on such sites which causes them concern.”

So far police in Cheshire have arrested eight people in connection with postings on social media sites.

Cheshire Police are also continuing to provide support to the Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester Police with officers deployed to provide assistance in those areas.

The spokesman added: “In Cheshire itself, some officers have had rest days cancelled and are working longer hours to ensure that Cheshire communities continue to enjoy the high level of service they have come to expect.

“Cheshire Police would like to thank the public for the messages of support which have been received, and for the information which continues to be offered by the community, some of which has led directly to arrests.

“The Constabulary has also extended its thanks to the many volunteer Special Constables who have given up their time to work alongisde their regular colleagues, and to their employers who have allowed them the time away from their usual roles.”

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