The Wake up Macclesfield (WuM) campaigners have said that following a Freedom of Information Request to Cheshire East – for copies of the contract between the council and the developers (Wilson Bowden) and for information on the legal and financial risk assessments relating to the proposed re-development of Macclesfield Town Centre – Cheshire East refused their request.

The WuM group have since sent a further letter countering each of Cheshire East Council`s reasons for refusal of their requests.

WuM contend that public interest is not being served by Cheshire East Councill withholding the information they requested.

The group have advised Cheshire East of their intention to take the matter to the Information Commissioner if they (Cheshire East) fail to provide the information requested.

Last night (Tuesday) the WuM group released the following statement:

Cheshire East Council have refused a request made by the Wake up Macclesfield campaign group for information relating to the agreement between the council and their town centre redevelopment partner, Wilson Bowden.

The information requested by the campaign included details of the contract between the council and the developers; minutes from the meeting at which the latest contract was agreed, and a copy of the financial, legal and risk assessment relating to the development.

In their response to the request, Cheshire East gave a number of reasons for refusing information.

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