Dear Editor,

I completely understand where you are coming from, but all over the country councils have got into bed with Tesco and it would now take a holocaust to stop their continued expansion and growth.

Tesco make profits by first squeezing suppliers until their pips squeak and by not caring if they go out of business as they will simply find another company to fill the void, and there will be plenty of willing takers of miniscule margins for the promise of big volume. And of course that`s how Tesco operate with small margins generating huge volume sales. It drives footfall and with free parking they provide massive perceived value to the consumer all under one big roof. Then if that wasn`t enough they are taking over the convenience store market too with a similar approach.

No matter what happens Tesco connects with consumers and as long as this happens they will continue to dominate retail with huge edge of town sites.

Town centres are changing, the big retailers are moving out.

In my opinion we are on the verge of a major economic depression which governments in all countries are in denial about. Which is why there is increased embedded media emphasis on war and over exaggerated threats to our national security. The reality is that business and trade has always existed and the solution to all of this is brave leadership to encourage small to medium businesses to set up, develop and thrive.

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