So pleased to read your articles online about Tesco.

I have spread them far and wide via social networking sites twitter facebook etc and am wondering if there is an organised campaign to fight tesco proposals.

I used to live in Chorlton and then Heaton Moor, now up the hill at Walker Barn.

Friends in Chorlton and The Heatons fought similar Tesco proposals on various sites and surprise surprise Tesco came out in force and succeeded finally after long battles.

The huge Tesco in Stockport is a disgrace, the one in Chorlton cynically attempted to site Tesco Express opposite the thriving Unicorn Independent grocers that has been so successful (set up be friends of mine). I really fear for Macclesfiedl and Bollington indie shops and what Tesco will do to our town which is currently bearing up well with Independent shops and Treacle Market etc filling the gaps left by big name retailers.

What can we do?

Hilary Jack

Ed: If enough folk set their minds to it, and work together, I think you will be surprised what can be achieved.

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