Heritage Centre
Roe Street
Macclesfield SK11 6UT

Recorded Information: 01625 423535
Enquiries: 07871 422937

All tickets on Sundays & Mondays: 3.50

Fina Bar & Grill Macclesfield Cinema Evening Meal Deal:
Enjoy any pizza or pasta dish from the Fina menu and a showing at Cinemac for just 10.00 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Vouchers can be purchased at Cinemac or Fina to enjoy dining before or after your film. Details at www.cinemac.org.uk and www.finabarandgrill.co.uk. Tables should be reserved with Fina.

Amended listings
Films from Monday 4 to Thursday 14 March

Please note that Amour, previously scheduled for 13 March, has been postponed
because of print unavailability to Wednesday 27 March (8pm); Argo will now show in its place on Wednesday 13 March 8pm. Apologies to those who received an earlier email.

Monday 4 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30, 8.00
Tuesday 5 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30, 8.00
Wednesday 6 March: Song for Marion (PG) 1.00
Thursday 7 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30, 8.00

Friday 8 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30
Friday 8 March: Argo (15) 8.00
Saturday 9 March: cinema closed
Sunday 10 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30
Sunday 10 March: Argo (15) 8.00
Monday 11 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30
Monday 11 March: Argo (15) 8.00
Tuesday 12 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30
Tuesday 12 March: Argo (15) 8.00
Wednesday 13 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30
Wednesday 13 March: Argo (15) 8.00
Thursday 14 March: Song for Marion (PG) 5.30
Thursday 14 March: Argo (15) 8.00

Coming Next from Friday 15: Oz – The Great and Powerful
& Amour on 27 March at 8pm

Bookings can be made at www.cinemac.org.uk
following the movietickets link in our “advance bookings“ section.
There will be seats available first come first served even if all bookable tickets have been purchased.

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