English Heritage are statutory consultees for the application. They recommended refusal of the earlier plans, and their response to the current plans is now in. They don`t think much has changed with the revised plans and are not impressed by Wilson Bowden`s own heritage impact assessment.

Read the English Heritage letter: http://wakeupmacc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/English-Heritage-response.pdf

Objection letters

Thank you to all those who have sent in objections to Cheshire East. It`s great to see the count going up on the planning portal, because the more objections received, the more impact we will have.

If you haven`t yet written yours, please find a few minutes to put something together. There is plenty of information to help you on the Wake up Macc website: http://wakeupmacc.org.uk

See the Object page (http://wakeupmacc.org.uk/object-to-macclesfield-redevelopment-plans-2/) for guidance on what to write, and the Evidence page )http://wakeupmacc.org.uk/evidence/) for facts and expert opinions you can use to reinforce your arguments.

Remember, the deadline is 22nd Feb

The ten minute objection

If you don`t have much time, a short email is far better than nothing.

All you have to do is:

1. Go to http://planning.cheshireeast.gov.uk/ApplicationSearch.aspx
2. Select search by planning reference and enter the criteria 12/1212M
3. Click on the `comment on this application` link down the page on the right hand side.
4. Copy and paste the following wording. Add a sentence or two of your own if you can, as this will give the objection more impact.
5. Submit.

Planning Applications 12/1212M & 12/1213M

I wish to object to the Macclesfield town centre redevelopment proposals. These proposals are not in the economic, social or environmental best interests of the town and as such are in direct contravention of the National Planning Policy Framework. In addition, the proposals conflict directly with a number of points in the Macclesfield local plan as adopted by Cheshire East. This states that we must protect residential and conservation areas (2.3)(BE3)(BE4), improve despoiled areas (2.3),ensure a high quality of urban design reflecting the character/scale of the town centre, (BE1) (BE2), give access to the natural environment (NE18), create good connections between any new development and the traditional town centre (MTC16), and encourage more town centre housing (MT19). The current proposals do none of these things.

Thank you for your support


P.S. Remember you can contribute to the campaign via PayPal – see any page on our website. If you`d like to contibute but don`t do PayPal, email us and we`ll give you another way to get the money to us. We have been amazed at how much time people are prepared to give voluntarily – but we need cash to pay for printing and other things we haven`t managed to source for free!

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