First arrests under new drug drive law in Cheshire

Two drivers were arrested in Cheshire under the new drug driving law, which came into force on 2 March. The two men were arrested on 6 March in two separate incidents.Assistant Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: “This law makes it much easier for the Constabulary to identify suspected drug drivers and we will be rigorously enforcing the legislation making best use of this new opportunity.  We have already made arrests using the new devices with 2 drivers arrested following positive roadside tests for cannabis. Once a positive roadside test is given and the person is arrested then the drivers have to undergo a blood test to determine how much of the substance was in their system. I see this is as a really positive development in keeping our roads safe and deterring people under the influence of drugs from taking to the road.”

Police & Crime Commissioner John Dwyer said: “I’m delighted to see that the Constabulary are already making use to the new legislation to help keep the county’s roads safe. The dangers and problems associated with taking drugs are well known. Driving whilst under the influence of illegal drugs is particularly reckless and endangering lives. I would urge people not to take the risk, and those who don’t listen to this advice should be aware they will be caught.”

To help officer’s determine whether someone is driving under the influence of drugs, they have a number of tools at their disposal including, roadside drugs wipes which can determine whether or not a driver has cannabis or cocaine in their system. Drugs testing machines are available in the Constabulary’s Custody suites, which are used if a driver provides a positive test at the roadside.

Alongside this new equipment, officers will still use the traditional FIT test to determine whether or not they believe someone is driving under the influence of illegal drugs.

As well as targeting illegal drugs such as cannabis and cocaine, the legislation affects prescribed medication. The new law does not make it illegal to drive when taking prescribed medications. It means that the medication must be taken in accordance with the advice of a healthcare professional.

More information about the new regulations can be found online at

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