USB memory stick for seniors

With the growing concerns over immigration, no doubt it will soon be compulsory to carry National Identity information.

If you’re elderly, and travel at lot, it would also be useful to have to hand a list of your medications and, ideally, your (probably extensive) medical history.

You should also carry details of your views on resuscitation after a cardiac arrest and possible organ donation in the event of your passing, etc.

Plus who to contact in the event of an emergency and, or course, where you live/who looks after you – in the case of loss of memory.

This means that when an older person wants to go out in future, he or she will need to be carrying an awful lot of paperwork.

In a bid to assist the seniors (including me, Ed) we’ve been looking at this remarkable USB stick – designed especially for seniors.

We’re told it will be available soon – but only on prescription.

Using one of these you won’t have to rely on your memory again.


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