Banned supporters reminded to surrender passports

With Euro 2016 just weeks away Cheshire Police have issued a reminder to 40 Cheshire residents who are subject to football banning orders. 

All 40 have received letters to remind them that they are required to surrender their passports to the police by Wednesday 1 June 2016 at the very latest; anyone who fails to do so face the prospect of being arrested.

Chief Superintendent Luke McDonnell said: “The Euros are a time to join together with friends and family and celebrate and we hope that everyone enjoys the tournament and gets behind their team.

“Disorderly or violent behaviour in Cheshire will not be tolerated and we will respond robustly to anyone committing such offences.”

Football Banning Orders are part of specific football legislation. The legislation requires that anyone on a banning order must surrender their passport to the police 10 days before an international football tournament begins. The order also states that offenders can only collect it the day after the tournament ends – whether England get to the final or not.

The orders, which last a minimum of three years, can be granted by the courts when someone is convicted of a football related offence. They are issued to help to prevent violence and disorder at or in connection with football matches both home and abroad.

In addition to passport surrender, offenders must inform the Police if they move house. Courts can also impose numerous other conditions, such as being excluded from certain areas on match days, if this is felt necessary.

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